Whether a native of London is interested in trekking to the Serpentine for a water sport, walking their dog, or going for a jog, Hyde Park is a location with a rich history that likely to be quite a familiar place for the majority of Londoners.


For tourists and campaigners Hyde Park is an absolute must see attraction because it has so much to offer, from wide-open lakes to famous memorials, through to unique works of art that pepper the park and give it its unique feel.

Hyde Park Origins

Those who may be on vacation in the London area may notice the central location of Hyde Park as well as its natural beauty. An interesting fact to make note of is that Hyde Park was originally acquired by King Henry VIII for the purpose of serving as a deer park for those with the means to use it as a private hunting ground. James I was the first to offer common people limited access to the park, and Charles I was the individual who totally changed things by allowing entrance to the general public. The Ring, located north of the boathouses near the Serpentine, is an addition that can be attributed to Charles I.

Hyde Park Diversions

Hyde Park opens at five o’clock in the morning throughout the year and remains accessible to the public until midnight. Those who may have watched the 2012 Olympics might generally be familiar with the cycling routes that are accessible in the park, and numerous residents of the London area are likely to have tried the cycling routes themselves. For both visitors and locals to the London area, Hyde Park offers more than three hundred acres of space; the natural beauty of the locale is always stimulating to explore.

Hyde Park Attractions

The Serpentine was added to Hyde park in the early seventeen hundreds when Queen Caroline ordered its creation. In more recent times, Hyde Park has seen the addition of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. This attraction is located only a little bit south of the Serpentine, and it allows numerous Londoners to remember their departed princess. It is intended to capture the spirit of the deceased royal through its reflection of her personality and love of children. Hyde Park is also the home of a memorial dedicated to the memory of the victims of the July 7, 2005 London bombings, and it has been the site of numerous rock concerts. For those who may be interested in more active past times than simply viewing the memorials, swimming is available from ten to six at the Serpentine Lido.

With so much going on in London’s Hyde Park, if you are planning on coming to London on holiday it makes perfect sense to find an accommodation near to Hyde Park. Fortunately there are a large number of 4 star hotels that flank the park, while on Park Lane alongside the luxury sports car showrooms you can also find a few 5 star hotels. You only limitation is your budget, the views over Hyde Park will all be splendid.

Thanks to guest author Jane Saul who writes for the Travel sector and lives in London. Her interests include travelling, discovering different cultures and then writing about it!