Hailed by many as the Eighth Wonder of the World, this compound of global gardens housed within and around massive artificial biomes successfully marries nature, sustainability, art, education, world culture, and philanthropy into an amazing leisure destination.

What is Eden Project?

At first glance, Eden Project is a large, intelligently designed complex that features plant life from all over the world. These plants are divided into three categories: tropical plant life (housed in the Tropical Biome), warm temperate and arid plant life (housed in the Mediterranean Biome), and temperate plant life (featured in the Outdoor Gardens). The thrill alone of being able to experience a humid rainforest in the dead of winter is enough to attract more than a million visitors each year. However, when you look deeper into the ethos of this four-time British Travel Award Winner for Best UK Leisure Attraction (2011-2014), you will find that the reach and purpose of Eden Project goes beyond beautiful gardens.

At the core of Eden Project, the mission is to rekindle relationships between people and their environments at a local and a global level. This includes not only providing insight on our dependence on plant life, but also enlightening us on how our everyday choices impacts our immediate environment and that of people who live halfway across the world. Beyond education and knowledge creation, Eden Project also uses entrance and membership fees to fund its various charitable endeavors (e.g. feeding programs in Africa, supporting rural livelihood in Malawi, investing in renewable resources, etc.)

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Aside from providing breathtaking interactions with global plant life, Eden Project has become a unique and leading educational resource for creating a sustainable future.

Things to Remember: Before You Go

Plan Your Day. With so many things to do at Eden Project, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Make your trip a stress-free one by planning your trip aroundtheir events and activities. Check out Eden Project’s online calendar for their annual highlights or activities done on specific months. You can also check out their suggested activities per season and download themed trail guides on this page. 

Discounted Tickets. Buy your tickets in bulk or in advance to get up to 20% off the normal ticket price. You can also get similar discounts when you avail of their green travel discounts (arriving on foot, bus or public transport and buying your tickets on-site). See their ticket rates and discounts here.

 Safety First. When going on trips where you will be exposed to the elements and to throngs of people, there is a need to prepare your safety gear. Safety encompasses several aspects when travelling, but here are a few you should focus on when travelling to Eden Project:

– Dress for the climates. Even if it’s frosty outside during winter, the humidity inside the Tropical Biome can be very stifling. Make sure you wear layers you can peel off. In the summer, arm yourself with ample sunscreen and a change of breathable clothing.

– Keep your valuables close. Whether it’s your money, copies of your travel documents, or your gadgets, it’s always good practice to keep these secure when going through a day of activities in a location with large crowds.

– Use Wi-Fi securely. Free Wi-Fi in an area with large amounts of people is a playground for unscrupulous persons. As soon as you use the free Wi-Fi, hackers can access your name, steal your credit card records, wreak havoc on your travel details, and do a lot more damage. The only way you can prevent this is by either using your own mobile data or by subscribing to a Virtual PrivateNetwork (VPN) that encrypts and protects your data when surfing. Make sure you set these up before you leave for your trip.

Things to Remember: While You’re There

Soak It Up! Go to The Core to learn about the science behind our interaction with the earth. Visit the Tropical Biome to feel and see the world’s largest captive rainforest. Take a trip to the Mediterranean Biome to stroll through olive trees or enjoy “The Rites of Dionysus” sculpture. Follow the zigzag pathways of the Outdoor Biome and enjoy the gorgeous flowers. There is so much to do and learn at Eden Project! Make sure you don’t miss any of it.

It’s Not Just About the Green. There are other things to do at Eden Project aside from enjoying the gardens. Here are a few of them:

– Art: Enjoy several large sculptures around the Eden Project grounds made by local artists. The latest installation is a massive 70 Ton granite seed carved out of a single granite boulder sourced from a local quarry. 

– Food: There are many places to indulge your inner foodie at Eden Project. Whether you choose to eat a hearty lunch at the Eden Kitchen, fine dine at the Med Terrace restaurant, or grab a popular baobab smoothie at the Baobab and Rum Bar, you’ll be treating yourself to delicious and responsibly sourced food.

– Adrenaline Pumping: If you want to see the wonders of Eden Project while flying over it at 60 mph or while plummeting from a height of 65 feet at 50 mph, then you need to book your tickets for Eden Project’s Skywire (England’s longest zip wire at 660 meters) and GiantSwing (a giant swing perched over a cliff). 

– Music: Any music buff will love this series of live summer music festivals that are graced by world-class musicians. As if that weren’t special enough, the beautifully lit biomes make these music festivals one for the books.

– Sports: If you’re a sports buff, you can combine sports and nature by enjoying a marathon on multi-terrain courses, joining a mass participation cycle ride, or by simply practicing your figure eights at the winter ice rink!

Stay At The YHA Eden Project. Fully experience Eden Project by booking rooms in their modern shipping container hostels located on-site. You can also get even closer to nature by pitching a tent on the camping grounds. Learn more about staying at Eden Project hereeden project

Photograph taken from the nearby holiday cottage Heul Tristram

As well as the on-site hostel there are lots of accommodation options around the Eden project – hotels, camp sites, self catering cottages and bed and breakfasts

Things to Remember: After You’ve Gone

Get An Annual Pass. If you didn’t see everything on your first visit, Eden Project gives all visitors the option to convert their daily admission ticket into an Annual Pass. This is made possible by declaring the price you paid for the regular ticket as a donation to the Eden Trust. The pass allows you to visit Eden Project for free as many times you like within a 12-month period. Learn more about the Annual Pass here. 

Get Involved. By visiting Eden Project, you start a domino effect of good deeds all over the world. Keep the domino effect going by learning of other ways to help Eden Project create a sustainable future for all of us. Learn how you can help here.