Are you planning a break with your loved one soon? Then look no further as the little island of Malta is a great place to go to any time of the year. Blessed with more than 300 days of sunshine and steeped in history dating back to Paleolithic and Neolithic times, Malta has a lot to offer beyond the sea and the sand. So, if you don’t particularly want a history lesson, here are a few tips to make your next trip as romantic and exciting as they come on Europe’s most charming island.

Boat ride

Take to Sliema and get on a boat around the Valletta Harbour area, which takes you all the way around Spinola or towards the splendid views of the ‘Three cities’. Make sure you load up on snacks and that bottle of bubbly is nicely chilled although some cruises offer a full package with food and drtink included if you don’t have time for preparation.

Mdina By Night

The lovely ancient city of Mdina is a gem of Architecture ranging from Norman houses to Neo-classical palazzos and Baroque churches. Every conqueror who governed the island along the years seems to have left his mark within these high city walls, making it the best place to visit during nighttime. Built on one of the highest peaks on the island Mdina can be seen lit up from pretty much all around and a stroll through its narrow winding streets and alleyways is the ultimate romantic experience. Whilst there you can always stop for a glass of wine in one of the wine bars on the city walls where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the whole island.


Daytrip to Gozo

The little sister island of Gozo is a true marvel, with beautiful clean nature and idyllic small beaches scattered around the coast. You can catch a 30-minute ferry ride that will drop you off at the small harbor of Imgarr and make your way inward from there or if you prefer some alone time there are a lot of charter boat companies that will gladly take the two of you alone and maybe even organize the whole Gozo tour. Definitely a must do.

Picnic on the beach

The Maltese love their barbequing and picnics on the beach especially in summer when the nice evening breeze cools you off from daytime sunbathing. Preparing a light picnic and go for an evening swim whilst watching the sunset at Golden bay is a memory that the two of you will treasure for days to come.

Pick a romantic hotel

Whilst on vacation with your loved one, the amenities and comfort of the accommodation plays an important role towards making the whole trip an unforgettable experience. Make sure you check out the luxurious settings and rooms at the Corinthia Hotels with offers on great rooms nearly all year round.